About MKF

Maa Katyayani Films (MKF) is a Film Production House registered with Western India Film Producers Association, Mumbai. Tejaswini Thakore is the Owner (Producer) of this Company. This company is from Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Gujarati Films Preet Kare Ae Jaane (Rural love story), Balihari Baliyadevni (Devotional Film) and Baliya Bapji Rakhjo Raji (Devotional Film) are produced by Maa Katyayani Films. We are also producing Albums, Short Films, Documentary, Advt Film, TV Serial etc. under this banner. Gujarati Video Album Baliyadev ni Katha (Devotional Album) and Shreenathji Na Dhware (Devotional Album) is produced by MKF. We have also produced Hindi Short Films.
We aim at making good quality Films. Our film Balihari Baliyadevni won two Awards one from Transmedia and another from Gurudev Communication.

We always believe in recognizing new talent and in providing them good opportunity. Many new comers are brought in the Gujarati film Industry by Maa Katyayani Films.
We are also having our own Institute on Film Training “MKF Acting Institute”. At our Institute we are offering Courses on Film Acting, Direction, Writing, Cameraman and Editing. Shree Shailendra Thakore is the Hon. Chairman of this Institute.